Network Leaders FAQs

Q. What is a Network Leader?

Network Leaders are seen as partners for the effort around #ILGiveCommunity starting May 30 at 6pm and ending May 31 at 6pm. They are nonprofit "hubs" or connectors in their region or within their service community. We are relying on network leaders to help spread the word about this statewide giving campaign, raising the visibility of our great state's nonprofit sector.

Q. What are my obligations as a network leader?

Be the local champion for #ILGiveCommunity! Below are some examples of how you can get involved as a Network Leader for your local community, of which you may choose what your team has capacity to do.

  • Create your own giving page & participate (lead by example)
  • Help to explain the initiative to your nonprofit network
  • Communicate the #ILGiveCommunity schedule and helping to keep momentum going regionally
  • Inform your nonprofit network about upcoming webinars, other events
  • Share the #ILGiveCommunity nonprofit toolkit resources with your network
  • Share press releases and other announcements with local media
  • Use the Network Leader toolkit to share key announcements via email, social media other outlets when necessary.
  • Potentially hold local challenges, offer prizes, etc.

Q. Why Participate in #ILGive Community?

  • Online giving is increasing in popularity with year over year increases of around 13%. In fact, since 2009 most of the nonprofit sector has seen double-digit growth in online fundraising. Giving Days help introduce and reinforce new giving behaviors that can help lead to greater year-round giving.
  • Although online giving only accounts for about 8% of total giving it’s an important channel for more than just raising funds. The social web is a great way to raise awareness and grow a network of supporters.
  • Use #ILGive Community to leverage the marketing power of the entire Illinois nonprofit community to increase donations and engagement.
  • Build your capacity to raise funds online year-round -- learn best practices in digital fundraising, peer to peer and crowdfunding, and more.
  • Participating in #ILGive Community can raise your nonprofit’s public image and expand its circle of supporters beyond the usual suspects.

Q. How Do We Get Started With #ILGiveCommunity?

Build your profile
  • Click here for helpful tips to create a dynamic profile.
  • Check out our support articles on how to build a successful campaign and answer any questions you may have.

Q. How do We Prepare and Promote #ILGiveCommunity?

The #ILGiveCommunity team provides you with everything you need!

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